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osCommerce Shopping Cart Development

We believe that if there is a good solution for a shopping cart available that is FREE, that is the cart to use. osCommerce is a powerful open-source shopping cart. Thousands of business owners rely on osCommerce to manage their online store.

Our staff has extensive experience in successfully deploying osCommerce installations. From the most basic install, to setting up tax rates, and ship methods, to changing the look and feel of the cart pages.

Our basic install package includes the following in addition to completing all needed configuration to get your cart up and running:

1) Setting up store info (name, address, contact info)
2) Setting up 1 tax rate for you
3) Setting up 1 ship method for you (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Flat Rate, and more)
4) Setting up 1 payment gateway for you (Authorize.net is what we recommend - see below)

Need a more advanced feature - chances are someone has already contributed a modification that will meet your needs.

Want to accept coupons on your site? - No Problem
Want to offer separate pricing to wholesale versus retail customers? - No Problem
Want to offer an affiliate program? - No Problem

These are just a few of the items we have done for clients in the past. But what if their isn't a pre-built solution for me? TSC can modify the osCommerce installation to meet your needs.

We do recommend you use a host that offers an "easy" install of osCommerce. Some osCommerce hosts we recommend can be found at http://www.website-hosting-reviews.info/

One other recommendation for you - use Authorize.net as your gateway. You can find an application for the merchant account and gateway here, or the Authorize.net gateway only application here.

Contact TSC today for a free estimate and start the process of creating your new website with osCommerce - the open source shopping cart.

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