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Sample Databases

A new version of the sample database is ready to go. You will need a copy of FileMaker Pro to open these files.  This sample database system helps to demonstrate just a few of the features we can add to your custom database solution. This system allows the creation of invoices and has limited contact management capabilities. This sample was written from scratch, not a FileMaker template. Contact us today to discuss your database needs. Whether you need a FileMaker, MySQL, or Access database, we can provide you with what you need at a great price. 

Click here to download the latest version.

Click here to download the user manual.
(will be updated soon, so check back often)

If you do not have FileMaker Pro installed, please download the version below of our sample invoice solution which does not require FileMaker to be installed. 

Click here to download the latest version.
(Does not require FileMaker to be installed)

Sample eBay DVD Seller's Tool

We have developed a new demo system for eBay users. This solution generates the HTML description for a DVD ad on eBay. The user only needs to enter some information and the HTML is dynamically generated. To see a sample of the ad that is generated from this sample database, click here. Read more about the custom eBay description creation software here, and contact us today to discuss how we can develop a system to meet your eBay selling needs. Visit www.listandship.com for information on managing your eBay orders.

You do not need FileMaker to run this system, however this version will only work on the Windows platform. Download the .zip file, and extract the entire folder to your hard drive. Locate the 'Ebay_List_Solution.EXE' file in the extracted folder and double click to run the program.

Click here to download the latest version of our eBay Solution. (Does not require FileMaker to be installed)

You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the User Manual. Follow the link below to get the latest version.

You will also need a program to open a .zip file. You can get WinZip here.

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