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>TSC is a full service Information Technology (IT) company and offer a full suite of services to meet all of your IT needs. "You Provide the Problem, We Provide the Solution."

Computer Set-Up We will set-up your new computer with the software you need. TSC will get your computer connected to the internet and protected from common threats. If you need a network, we can do that too!
Database Development TSC employees expert database developers that are extremely knowledgeable with FileMaker Pro, MySQL, Access, Oracle and more. Contact TSC today to get a free quote for your database project.
Networking Our networking specialists can set-up your network at home or the office. Whether you have 1 computer or 100, our specialist will create a high performance network for your needs.
Purchasing Service TSC's philosophy is that no person should have to pay more for a computer or other IT equipment than is necessary, nor should you be sold some equipment you do not need. That is why we offer our purchasing service; to get you the right equipment at the right price.
Technical Support We provide technical support via e-mail, chat and phone. Our rates are very competitive and we can help you whether your problem is big or small.
Training With experts in all aspects of information technology, we are able to help you make the most of your IT investments. We can teach you how to use your IT infrastructure to its full capability.
Website Development TSC has a team of graphic designers and web developers that can develop your website. Whether you need a static HTML site, or a dynamic site running PHP or ASP, or developers have the experience to make your website a reality.
Search Engine Optimization Our web development team has the experience you need to get a high search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN and more. We can also help you develop a paid search engine marketing plan and manage your campaigns. You found our site didn't you!
Computer Repair Our trained technicians can repair your computer hardware and software problems. We can diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate for repairs.
Spyware and Virus Removal TSC will remove spyware and viruses from your computer. Does your internet run slowly or are you constantly dealing with Pop-ups while on the internet. Our technicians can remove the root cause of your problems: spyware and viruses. We can perform repairs at your location or ours!

For information on our prices, please see our Pricing page.


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